Cordis SUITE, Low-Code platform for control Software

Cordis SUITE offers a Low-Code cross-platform solution specialized in creating or replacing machine-control software. Accelerate your digital transformation: discover the power of Cordis SUITE.

About Us.

Cordis is a Dutch software company and a supplier of a proprietary Low-Code software development platform with which machine-control software can be realized easily and quickly.

Since it was founded in 2000 the business has expanded with offices in Eindhoven (the Netherlands) and Málaga (Spain) and has become a unique player in the machine-control software market supporting multi-vendor hardware.

Where thinkers
become makers.

Mesa de trabajo 7-100

Graphical modelling language in which the static structure and dynamic behavior of a complex system is drawn in class and state diagrams.

Enables desktop testing of the complex system with a VR/AR interface to system simulations (digital twin of the machine, behaving as the real machine).

Cross-Platform support for PLC-controllers from Siemens, BoschRexroth, Beckhoff, Lenze and also Embedded-controllers running on C# Linux/Windows.

Mesa de trabajo 5-100

Press button and generate the code for a specific platform.

Mesa de trabajo 6-100

Give engineers an easy to use toolset to support the commissioning of the software.


Your documentation always up-to-date, because your graphical design model is the documentation. Forget about struggling to keep your design documents in sync with your code.

Focus on the architecture and design
rather than on coding.

Focus on the architecture
and design
rather than on coding.

Innovate faster by leveraging everyone’s contribution in your multi-disciplinary team.