Why Cordis

Cordis SUITE.

The Cordis SUITE offers the complete Low-Code Software development platform, based on graphic Model-Driven software engineering, for machine-control applications. A cross-platform solution that supports the PLC-controllers from Siemens, BoschRexroth, Beckhoff, Lenze and also Embedded-controllers running on C# Linux/Windows (with a footprint as small as a Raspberry Pi 3).

Experience Software development without writing code. Describing software / system behavior in graphical UML object and state diagrams, non-software domain engineers can actively contribute to the detailed development of software.

Model your own control software

Using the Cordis SUITE Low-Code platform, you can create sizeable control applications that seamlessly integrates your sensors, actuators and 3rd party software with minimal technical expertise. This allows to boost your software quality and productivity enormously compared to traditional software development. New ideas and features are converted to a perfect solution in no-time. And apart from flexibility and speed, your software is also automatically kept technologically up to date. Cordis SUITE makes traditional software development challenges a thing of the past.

Fast, cost-efficient and intuitive

The graphical model-driven software development platform Cordis SUITE, is a unique platform capable of developing complex control systems at ease. The comprehensive UML object and state diagrams allow non-software domain engineers to contribute to the engineering process. Dependency on critical resources in each phase of development becomes much less critical! Everyone can learn the required UML basics in one day and start contributing to the process.

Meet Your Business Requirements

Innovate faster by leveraging everyone’s contribution in your multi-disciplinary team. Focus on the architecture & design rather than on coding. Using automatic code generation will give you the fastest and defect free translation of your design into code. The code can be generated for different targets that are commonly used in the industry. The code is generated from the design model, so unlike traditional development, your code matches the design!

Replace legacy

Stop maintaining existing control software using quick-fixes and short-cuts and convert your legacy code module by module into Cordis SUITE. Stop combatting symptoms and solve the root cause! Modernize your legacy starting today!


Cordis SUITE enables you to build large and complex control logic without losing track due to complexity. Next to that Cordis SUITE will smoothly integrate your sensors, actuators and third-party software modules. Cordis SUITE is not just modeling, it is an integral toolset for testing too! Your design comes alive in real-time state-diagrams and the ability to monitor and tweak all parameters and variables in the real machine.

Perfect Fit

Cordis SUITE provides solutions that support the entire software development process perfectly. As little software coding as possible, but everything you need for modelling, testing and connection to a digital twin.

The Cordis Suite

Supports the software engineering process in all development phases

Meet Your Business

Domain and system experts together define the detailed system behavior using the Cordis-Modeler. An intuitive graphical description language (UML subset) enables easy & open communication in multidisciplinary teams. This way of working delivers instant validation of your system. Different disciplines have created a common understanding and shared view on the system to be build. Quality assured!

Replace legacy

With a simple press of a button, you generate the code and documentation for the system. The generated code is open and readable, nevertheless you will soon prefer to develop your model rather the changing code. Using automatic code generation will give you the fastest and defect free translation of your design into code: this is what we call truly LEAN software development. The code can be generated for different targets that are commonly used in the industry.

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Test, diagnosis, commissioning

Any team member can work with the intuitive test & diagnose CORDIS-Dashboard to verify the system. With this, each system level can be accessed, controlled and monitored. You will pass the commission phase with a speed never seen before.
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Your system will always be subject to new customer requirements. The CORDIS-SUITE enables you to quickly evaluate the impact of new requirements and supports a fast & reliable implementation, test and verification process. Leaving you with highly satisfied customers and a healthy future-proof business.