Software Integrators

Speed up your client’s time to market.

The Cordis SUITE Low-Code platform lets you effortlessly fulfil all your customers’ and the market’s wishes. You can quickly and easily adopt new technologies. Develop custom solutions in a fraction of the time it would take using traditional development methods.

The Cordis SUITE offers your organization the flexibility to consistently exceed customer expectations.

Cordis SUITE is designed to make custom project manageable

The behavior of the system has been captured in graphic models instead of in millions of lines of code, they are faster to adjust to your customers’ needs by an order of magnitude. Cordis SUITE makes the development process 100% manageable and lets you focus on adding value for your customers.


Future proof your system

Innovate faster than ever. With Cordis SUITE, you no longer have to worry about future developments. Embrace new technologies like AI, IOT, Big Data.

Replace legacy

Stop using quick fixes. Stop combatting symptoms. Cordis SUITE is the platform that allows you to tackle the root cause of the problem. Modernize your legacy starting today!


You don’t need to know the details of how to program a Controller to use the Cordis SUITE, focus on the design and let the Cordis SUITE do the coding. Organizations that use the Cordis SUITE are offered a standard 5-day training program. Afterwards, your engineers will be able to use our development platform independently. Stop coding, start designing!

Perfect Fit

Cordis SUITE provides solutions that support the entire development process perfectly. As little software as possible, but everything you need to support the way you work.

Community support

We are partnering with different users and organizations to create a space for users to get support from each other and share experiences with Cordis SUITE.

Ready for the Future.

Low-Code Control Software

Welcome to the world of low-code Software development.

Our graphical Model-Driven technology allows you to create Control Applications which would have require 1000’s lines of code with traditional manual coding techniques.

Whether you are developing an automotive production plant, water purification system or a 3D-printer, Cordis SUITE will enable you to create bug-free control software

Control Software program languages such as IEC 61131 now have a Low-Code graphical Model Driven solution available too: Cordis SUITE. Our revolutionary Low-Code platform is the only one that is specifically designed to model larger software landscapes even for legacy Languages.