Innovative Control Solutions

About Cordis.

Cordis was founded in 2000 and has offices in Eindhoven the Netherlands and Málaga Spain, where the product ‘Cordis SUITE’ is developed. Cordis SUITE offers a Low-Code software development platform, based on graphical Model-Driven software engineering, for machine-control applications.  A cross-platform solution, supporting PLC-controllers from Siemens, BoschRexroth, Beckhoff, Lenze and also Embedded-controllers running on C# Linux/Windows.

Cordis SUITE provides a software development solution that allows the development process to focus strictly on the design (the structure and behavior) of the machine and not on the coding implementation.

Describing the software behavior in Low-Code graphical UML Object and State diagrams, non-software domain engineers can actively contribute to the detailed development of software. The lines of code are automatically and error-free generated from the graphical UML models.

Furthermore, the Cordis SUITE provides powerful Dashboards for testing, commissioning and analysis; a Gateway to easy connect digital/virtual-twins; and system behavior data collection.

Cordis-SUITE: Empowers domain experts, Early validation and verification, Code generation removes coding errors, Connection to digital twin, Reduces technical debt and legacy, Model is documentation.

Delivering strong Value creation: Lower Engineering costs, Faster Time-to-market, Higher Team motivation, Higher Quality.